Get Furnished has everything for your storage needs, including smart and stylish oak bookcases from the Montana, Dakota, Utah, Loire and Salinas ranges as well as the cool Irish Coast 'Dinghy' bookcase.

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Moreno Painted Large Bookcase

Price £924.00 Incl. VAT

Moreno Painted Bookcase

Price £498.00 Incl. VAT

Moreno Oak Bookcase with Drawer

Price £586.00 Incl. VAT

Moreno Oak Bookcase

Price £1,144.00 Incl. VAT
Quantity :

Perigord Oak Narrow Bookcase

Price £335.00 Incl. VAT

Ardennes Small Oak Bookcase

Price £150.00 Incl. VAT
Quantity :

Ardennes Oak Bookcase

Price £330.00 Incl. VAT
Quantity :

Irish Coast Small 5 Shelf Bookcase (African Dusk Finish)

Price £345.00 Incl. VAT
Quantity :

Stylus Oak Single Bookcase

Price £299.00 Incl. VAT
Quantity :

Turpelo Oak Bookcase (5ft, 6ft)

Price £440.00 Incl. VAT

Carennac 2 Door Oak Bookcase (With Cupboard)

Price £1,150.00 Incl. VAT
Quantity :

Montana Wide Oak Bookcase

Price £300.00 Incl. VAT

Montana Narrow Oak Bookcase

Price £230.00 Incl. VAT

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Moreno Painted Bed

£1,450.00  Incl. VAT

Skyline Oak Dining Table with Glass Legs

£2,400.00  Incl. VAT



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