5 Furniture Ideas to Help You Warm Up This Winter

Those living near our our barn in Nuffield will know about our local micro-climate compared to the nearby Reading, Henley and Wallingford, and this winter hasn’t exactly been sympathetic either (aside from a weird period over Christmas where it was 15 degrees Celsius).  But wherever you are, let us help you keep warm in these chilly winter months until it’s time to chuck away the hats, the scarves, the gloves and the blankets for another 8ish months – or less....


1.   Scatter Back Sofas

Scatter back sofas are a novel way of keeping warm on a wintry day. They allow you the luxury (unlike their standard-back counterparts) of a soft, cushioned cocoon which you can sink into, cover in blankets and snuggle up watching your favourite show on Netflix. Scatters & pillows can help you keep warm when it’s not quite so warm outside, but are the epitome of comfort in any climate. Our range of Ashley Manor sofas includes a variety of scatter and standard back options, as well as different colours and fabrics – and they are made here in the UK.


2.   A New Solid Oak Bed

It goes without saying that a good quality bed can go a long way towards a good night’s sleep. One of the best things you can do on a cold day is snuggle up in your favourite duvet with your favourite warm beveráge, but when the sun’s gone down and the heating’s off, it all comes down to sleep.  A new bed can revitalise your sleep schedule, so investing in yourself with a new armoury of slumbering comfort is one of the best decisions you will make this winter. Our Fortune Woods and Conarte beds are just the ticket.

3.   A New Natural Mattress

Speaking of sleep – are you really happy with your current mattress?

Consumer research from the Better Sleep Council found that 91% of respondents agreed that a good mattress is essential to good health and well-being.  Furthermore, if you’re going down the winter-warming-in-bed route, a new mattress could transform these brief interludes into the most sublime and heavenly trances – and you’ll be nice and warm too. Getting a good night’s sleep has never been easier with our new Portobello natural mattresses. Double hand side stitched and available in a number of spring and size options (to match the Salcombe bed), the Portobello mattresses feature a multi-layered filling including natural pashmina wool, cotton, silk and cashmere.


4.   A Solid Oak Dining Table for Winter Warm-You-Up Meals

On Facebook we’ve been asking what your favourite winter warm-you-up meal is. Common choices vary from Irish stew to the humble lasagne. Whatever yours is, you can enjoy it better with a new dining table. You can transform your everyday meal into a royal banquet for much less than you might think with our 100% solid oak tables, handcrafted in southern Italy. Make an event of it – our Conarte Cevennes X-Leg table is available in a variety of different sizes, allowing you to share the warmth with your friends and family.


5.   TV Units For That Favourite Film of Yours

When it’s icy outside, there’s not much better than snuggling up on your scatter back sofa – with yourself, or better still, with an additional party – and watching your favourite film. If you have the perfect TV and the perfect sofa, one final essential you’ll need for ultimate comfort is a top-drawer TV unit.

Our solid oak TV units from Carennac allow you to store DVDs of your favourite Christmas capers for easy access, and best of all, have a hand-waxed “warm honey” finish just to make you feel extra warm...



We hope we’ve gone some way to solving your winter warmth issues! These are just a few tips which can go a long way towards feeling more at home this winter, but if you still need some help getting furnished, come to our Nuffield barn open 7 days a week and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Stay tuned for more articles to help you make that dream home a reality…