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7 Rustic Home Furniture Ideas

One of the most popular recent interior design trends has been the ‘rustic’ look, characterised by a natural, more untouched feel and often using reclaimed or recycled wood. This look can add a huge amount of personality and character to any living space; whether combined with raw wood, exposed beams and attractive brickwork or with more modern interiors. Here are just a few of our favourite rustic ranges…

Furniture Care Guide

Wood is a natural product and as such knots, grain and small movements within our furniture are completely normal, adding to the individuality of each piece.  All our wood furniture has been finished with either a lacquer or a wax to protect the wood whilst keeping its natural appearance.

5 Furniture Ideas to Help You Warm Up This Winter

Those living near our our barn in Nuffield will know about our local micro-climate compared to the nearby Reading, Henley and Wallingford, and this winter hasn’t exactly been sympathetic either (aside from a weird period over Christmas where it was 15 degrees Celsius).

But wherever you are, let us help you keep warm in these chilly winter months until it’s time to chuck away the hats, the scarves, the gloves and the blankets for another 8ish months – or less....

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