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Making a day of it: explore what Nuffield & south Oxfordshire have to offer

We’re lucky enough to be nestled away in the beautiful countryside of Nuffield, just about 10km from the historic Henley-on-Thames and within easy driving distance of Reading and Oxford. But did you know we’re also surrounded by rich and significant history, with the nearby cultural landmarks of Nuffield Place, The Maharajah’s Well and the 17th-century Crooked Billet all within a few miles of the barn? You can make a day of it – pop into the barn and we’ll be more than happy for you to park here for free whilst you explore…

The 3 F's of Italy: Ferrari, fashion, food - and furniture

We love Italy here at Get Furnished. Located right in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, the country officially known as the Italian Republic is recognised worldwide by all, young and old, for three things: Ferrari, fashion, and food. But there’s another thing Italy deserves recognition for, and that’s its highly successful and extremely innovative furniture trade.

7 Mistakes You're Making With Your Oak Table

A solid oak dining table is for life - not just for Christmas...

Once you’ve taken delivery of your brand new oak dining table, handmade in Italy by Conarte, the possibilities are endless. Dinner parties and dark winter evenings will never be the same again - or will they? Keep your beautiful new table looking spick and span with these important tips:

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